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ZPB Smartphone Home Key Button (DOT)

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Product Overview

The DOT (TM) makes using your smartphone or tablet home button easy. The tactile grip instantly allows you to find the button, and determine your phone's orientation. It's made of Griptyte (TM) Performance Gel technology for a tactile grip, and patented 3M repositionable adhesive so it leaves no sticky residue. Comes with fold-over card, and extra DOT inside. This is an extra free prize inside when the package is opened (2 for 1). Use with various devices that have a mechanical button (not compatible with iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor). Can also use the decoration to add a little bling anywhere you'd like, on sunglasses, other gadgets, to identify personal possessions, to decorate rear view mirrors, on the edge of your computer monitor, etc. The creative uses for the DOT are endless!      


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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