Regular Greek Kente Stoles

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Kente cloth, a royal piece of our African heritage originated with the Asante tribe in Ghana, West Africa and dates back to the 12th century. It has now become an emblem of ethnic pride for many African Americans.  Kente is hand-woven in narrow four inch strips that are later sewn together creating a symbolic patchwork or quilt like effect. The symbol on the Greek kente stoles is the Asante stool, which represent the seat of leadership of the Asante nation. When you wear the Greek Kente stole, you are displaying our rich African heritage, our fruitful present and ever promising future.

 Wear your kente stole with pride to conferences, meetings, conventions, church, graduations and any event that you want to express pride in your sorority or fraternity and African Heritage.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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