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AKA Graduation Stoles




$64.95 cost includes free AKA medallion/ pink neck ribbon, a "This Senior is Graduating" button,  a link to download unlimited number of certificates of appreciation to send to sorors and loved ones who supported you during your academic career. 


NOTE:   Please note that the embroidery is done on pre-sewn stoles, so embroidery threads are visible on the reverse side of the stole.  The embroidery threads will not be visible  when worn over a graduation robe., if you want stole sewn from scratch, in which case we will sew a back panel to cover the embroidery threads, there will be an extra $25.00 charge..    


Click on any image below to start ordering your new AKA satin stoles, personalized Kente stoles or regular AKA Kente stoles.  Please allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery.

aka-models-kente-stoles-banner-2017-01.jpgPlease CLICK HERE to view more AKA Kente stoles designs on our sister website.  


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